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UBMC Committee 2017 - 2018

President - Ed Lewis

Spearheading the club this year is our shiny new, rosy cheeked, baby-faced president, Ed Lewis! Whether bouldering, sport climbing or trad climbing Ed is an ever reliable source of experience, and while it might seem that he’s permanently confused, he occasionally knows what he’s doing. When you meet Ed you will no doubt be regaled with countless stories from his time in the club, but to address the elephant in the room; Ed once slept in a bin (It’s a fantastic story that should be brought up at every opportunity). With his cool head both on the rock and leading the club we can be confident that UBMC is in safe hands. We can guarantee that you will never see Ed flustered because he is quite literally, too glam to give a damn.

Contact Ed - [email protected]

Vice President - George Taylor

The vice president this year is the amazing George Taylor. One of George’s many responsibilities this year is being the unofficial ‘Safety Sec’, which is very reassuring considering that he spent a significant portion of the last year on crutches. When he’s actually capable of climbing George is an experienced and courageous climber. The only thing bolder than his gnarly trad ascents are his questionable costume choices on socials- over the year you’ll probably see a lot more of George than you could ever have dreamed!

Social costume looking a bit tame? Contact George- [email protected]

Treasurer - Fergal Marrett

Looking after the club’s piggy Bank this year is Fergal Marrett! Fergal was elected to the role of treasurer on the pledge that he was really boring, and as a result would be the perfect candidate… within a fortnight he had thrown up into a mop bucket and turned up to a social in drag. If he continues to progress at this current rate by the end of the year Fergal should be the clubs most outrageous member! However, when it comes to counting the pennies Fergal is doing an amazing job as promised, ensuring that the club’s finances are in safe, if slightly chalky, hands.

Looking for a small loan of a million dollars? Contact Fergal: [email protected]

(p.s. don’t contact him about that, he won’t be pleased.)

Secretary - Tom Dudley

The club secretary for this year is Tom Dudley! Despite claims that he was only granted the position due to his obvious sex appeal, Tom’s head for organisation means he is the ideal man for the job. When he’s tired of asking people for insurance details or scrawling minutes from rambling committee meetings, Tom is a keen board-gamer, capable of providing hours of entertainment/torture if rain ever stops play; hopefully this extensive experience with following rules and regulations will help him to safely navigate the club’s insurance policy!

Need help with membership or just looking for a Dominion opponent? Contact Tom- [email protected]

Social Sec. - Tom Chitson

The first half of our social sec team is Tom Chitson! Tom staked his claim to be a Social sec by running his own unofficial ‘Thitson Chomas’-themed social last year, showing the appropriate levels of organisation, creativity and narcissism expected of the position! A few years ago Tom was subject to a violent attack by another committee member during a friendly game of Frisbee, and as such was granted Frisbee-related superpowers. The only issue is that these powers only seem to resemble permanent knee damage, as well as a mild phobia of flying disks!

Social Sec. - Alex Howe

tom’s Social Partner in crime is alex howe! alex is trying his hardeSt to gain rePutation as the club’s biggeSt dirtbag, having PurchaSed a camPervan laSt year. tactically Painted ‘rust brown’, ruby the van is alex’S Prize possession. it’s even kitted out with a bouldering mat mattress, just so it’S Perfectly clear that alex is moments away from fully embracing the dirtbag lifestyle. alex had an interesting start to his trad climbing career, somehow failing to understand that if your leader has Started to Pull the ropeS uP at the top of the climb it doesn’t just mean that they want them! 

Tom and Alex are in charge of making everyone in the club a mess over the coming year. Not only are they organising all of our socials, they are also responsible for two of the biggest, messiest trips of our climbing calendar! With a reputation for outlandish cardboard costumes, these two social secs will be pretty hard to miss. For any info about socials, contact Alex and Tom- [email protected]

Gear Sec. - Holly Walker

The first of our two gear secs this year is Holly Walker! Holly is an absolute trad climbing machine, demolishing route after route with apparent ease. She is such a machine that she’s even managed to put up a first ascent at our own Bournbrook Wall, lovingly named ‘Holly’s hole’! The only thing she takes more pride in than the organisation of the club equipment is her extensive range of funky leggings, making her very easy to spot at the crag.

Gear Sec. - Lily Porat

Our second Gear sec this year is Lily Porat! Given that Lily is in charge of maintaining all the trad racks this year, it’s seems funny that she has spent most of her summer working and climbing at an indoor climbing centre; perhaps she just prefers polishing nuts to placing them. However when it comes to the gear Lily has promised to be an absolute tyrant; woe betide anyone who returns it late or in poor condition. If you do manage to return it spick and span though you’ll be elevated into her good books- no more ancient racks for you!

Lily and Holly have been given the honour of hoarding all the club equipment this year! Lily and Holly are very protective of the club gear (picture Scrooge McDuck diving into a pool full of nuts), but will happily lend it out if you ever want to borrow some over the holidays. Make sure you return it promptly and in one piece though, between them they have access to all the club’s many ice axes! For any gear requests, or tips on proper axe-swinging form, contact Lily and Holly- [email protected]

Mountain Sec. - Alex Dickinson-Lomas

If 10m grit routes aren’t really your style and you’re in the mood for some big mountain days, Mountain Sec Alex is your girl! Known to most as ‘ADL’, Alex is possibly the keenest human being in existence. If you’re ever lacking psyche for a rainy scramble up Tryfan, an optimistic march into the base of Coire an t-Sneachda or any other Type 2 experience, Alex will be on hand to convince you that it’ll be the best experience of your life! The only thing she might struggle to be enthusiastic about this year will be keeping up with the ever growing list of Mountain sec traditions, ranging from the completely straightforward to the downright grim!

Want to know about the Scotland trip or just looking a psyche dealer? Contact [email protected]

Indoor Sec. - Adam Raymond-White

Our first Team sec this year is Adam Raymond-White. Adam was one of the many super strong medics to feature in the Bouldering team over the last few years. Science is still yet to work out why an encyclopaedic knowledge of the human anatomy grants you crazy finger strength, but luckily for us it definitely seems to work that way. Adam wasn’t properly accepted as a true team sec until he managed to best his predecessor in a “plank off”, a herculean feat of core strength that unfortunately couldn’t be matched by his partner…

Indoor Sec. - Campbell Sunderland

Campbell Sunderland is our second Team Sec! Campbell once claimed to be the original creator of garlic butter, proving that he is more than ready to claim any successes of the individual team members as his own. When he’s not staking his claim to already established foodstuffs, Campbell is likely to be found either honing his technique at a bouldering wall, or honing his image at a vintage fair. Distinguishable from the rest of committee by his distinctly hipster appearance, don’t be surprised to hear phrases such as ‘I liked slabs before they were cool’ and ‘Boulder buckets are so last year’

Campbell and Adam are responsible for managing the bouldering team this year, and hopefully leading them to great successes at BUCS and LUBE! Between the two of them they’re overseeing all aspects of the team’s performance, with Adam leading the team from the front and Campbell secretly pulling strings from the back. Contact Campbell and Adam about anything team related at - [email protected]

Web Sec. - Nicole Jones

In charge of all things social media this year is Nicole! A keen philanthropist, Nicole has spent her last two summers helping children in need- teaching young Americans how to pronounce ‘Belay’ properly. Nicole has gained a reputation within the club as a brave and gutsy climber. However be aware that if you come on one of the messier trips you might not quite see this side of her… in fact going off her performance at last year’s Stanage you’re probably more likely to see guts than climbing!

If you’ve got any great pictures from club trips or just want to be featured on the club instagram contact Nicole - [email protected]

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