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UBMC Committee 2016 - 2017

President - Alex Wieczorek

Following his year as Gear Secretary Alex will be the club president taking us forward into 2017. As a boulderer, trad climber and sport climber he is more than happy to pass on his considerable wisdom for anyone willing to learn how to climb. Hopefully with his fondness for climbing in the sun it is hoped that with Alex at the helm we might for once have a sunny day’s climbing in North Wales…. Which those of you on the Ogwen Trip will remember, he achieved… for about half an hour! With his age, closer to 30 than those just starting university, there’s nothing much that he hasn’t encountered that can fault his calm and relaxed persona, ideal to keep everything under control!

Got any ideas on what you’d like to see the club do this year? Contact Alex – [email protected]

P.S don’t forget this is really a dictatorship……

Vice President - John Luckett

Vice President this year is gear nut John Luckett! Despite his age John is already showing signs of becoming a no-nonsense veteran Trad climber, conservative predictions estimate he’ll be leading E19 by the time he’s 30! Ex-gear sec, what John doesn’t know about gear isn’t worth knowing and he’ll always know the best place to get a bargain on that incredibly obscure piece of kit you’ve been eyeing up… John is also one of only two people worldwide to promote the use of tricams, and that’s only because the other guy mistook the name for real cams…

Need a boost to your trad psych? Contact John – [email protected]

Treasurer - Piers Allen

Hoarding over our vast quantities (we wish) of gold this year is Piers! In the final year of his computer science degree, Piers is the perfect candidate to make sure every penny is accounted for, and if we should run into financial dire straits hopefully he’s got some tricks up his sleeve to ‘sort things out’. Winner of the ‘Keenest Fresher’ award last year with almost a perfect record for trips attended, Piers is an incredibly enthusiastic club member who’s always willing to help out!

Need help with your student fees? Contact Piers – [email protected]

(p.s. don’t contact him about that, he won’t be pleased.)

Secretary - Maggie Knight

In charge of all things membership and meetings this year is Maggie Knight! Calm and collected, Maggie is the perfect person to organise club business. Don’t let her normally pleasant attitude fool you though, if it’s nearing trip time and you STILL haven’t filled in details for your insurance she’ll be on your case relentlessly! Practitioner of the infamously named “Maggie Slap” it’s advisable to stay in her good books during socials. Maggie is also an incredibly strong climber and takes her training very seriously, even going as far as writing her minutes out by hand because she believes does more for finger strength than typing!

If you’ve got any queries about membership or are in need of a good (platonic) slap drop Maggie a message: [email protected]

Social Sec. - Jack Turner

Jack Turner forms the first half of the social team! Jack can normally be found speculating and planning possible BIG trips the club could branch out into, whether its big wall climbing in Yosemite or deep water soloing in the Med, Jack has grand ambitions! If all else fails, Jack can use his impressive photoshop skills to at least make it look like we crushed hard abroad!

Winner of the most improved male fresher last year, Jack is a strong climber and with Bobbie’s help is smashing the reputation that social secretaries are only ‘social climbers’.

Social Sec. - Bobbie Miles

The second half of our social duo this year is Bobbie Miles! Bobbie is ever optimistic and mega sociable, so is a perfect match for social sec! Bobbie’s no pushover though and will leap to the defence of the club if she suspects even the slightest wrongdoing. On socials nights Bobbie is a whirl of organisation, making sure everything is running as planned and everyone is having the best night of their life. However on trips we see a different side of Bobbie, A.K.A Queen of Faff, General Faff, Faff-ster, you can almost guarantee Bobbie will still be faffing when the time comes to leave!

Jack and Bobbie, a.k.a. Bojack, Jaberta, Jobbie etc. are in charge of FUN for the coming year – They’ll be organising all our exciting socials plus two of the biggest, baddest trips of the year! Two of the friendliest people you’re likely to ever meet we’re certainly in good hands. For any information about socials or if you’ve just got red hot gossip to spill, get in touch at: [email protected]

Gear Sec. - George Taylor

George Taylor makes up one half of our gorgeous gear sec gang and is also this year’s self-appointed ‘Nudity-Sec’! George takes both his roles incredibly seriously and is very committed to the health and wellbeing of his nuts. You’ll struggle to meet anyone more thoroughly Northern than George, who believes that brown sauce, Bovril and gravy are three staples to be included with every meal! George is a strong and capable climber, but he’s always willing to supress these qualities and contribute to any punter-ish on goings with enthusiasm!

Gear Sec. - Nick Hill

Nick Hill is our second gear sec this year and also fulfils the role of token club ginger. Nick came under suspicion recently after proclaiming that he liked wet hill walks more than climbing, we now suspect he might be a wayfarer double agent, attempting to steal our gear from within. The fact that Nick fell off a ‘mod’ graded route whilst on a committee training course did nothing to distract suspicion, although it IS a good story he’ll never be allowed to forget. Back at home Nick works in Cotswold Outdoors so is perfectly suited to the role of gear sec and always up to date with the latest gear! (but also wayfaring... hmm.)

George and Nick (Gick?!) have been chosen as this year’s protectors of the club nuts! If you’re keen to borrow anything over the holidays or for short term use during term they’re your men! Careful not to lose anything though, the wrath of a scorned gear sec can never be placated, your only hope is to distract them with shiny new gear whilst you quietly escape! For gear or a good (naked) time, contact George and Nick: [email protected]

Mountain Sec. - Ed Lewis

In charge of the Scotland trip and anything cold this year is Ed! Despite studying Physics Ed still manages to frequently lose his way on routes, which has led to some of his most impressive ascents… and descents.

Ed’s fearless approach to climbing and seemingly endless supply of witty remarks are a potent combination, sure to make this year’s Scotland trip unforgettable! Rumour has it Ed’s been preparing his beard for Scotland since the day he heard about it, I’m sure it’ll start showing through any day now!
For information on the Scotland trip or if you’re just in need of a good laugh on a cold Cairngorm night contact Ed: [email protected]

Indoor Sec.- Jack Popplewell

Who more perfect to fill half of our indoor sec duo than one of the clubs top boulderers?! Following in the steps of his predecessors, Jack is more comfortable in 9 out of 10 situations with his top off. Jack runs on a diet of pizza and chocolate and is living proof that vegetables are horribly overrated. Whether he’s working out the sequence for his latest V9 or just finished polishing off his 5th bar of chocolate for the day (the big ones, no half measures) Jack is always willing to help out with beta and encouragement!

Indoor Sec. - Koharu Urawa

Koharu Urawa makes up the second half of our indoor team! Koharu has a strange obsession with the colour yellow, which possibly explains her need to get up at ridiculously-early o’clock every day, ensuring she makes the most of the elusive British sun! Used to warmer climates, on trips Koharu is often mistaken for a walking pile of coats, frequently wearing three or more down jackets! After winning the award for most improved female fresher last year and making the competitive team this year Koharu isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and will surely do great things for the team this year!

Jack and Koharu’s job this year is to make sure we smash all the competition, wherever it may be! Their role is the pick and organise the team, enter into (and win) as many comps as possible and make sure the team is as good as it can be! Both very committed climbers the team is definitely in safe hands this year and we’re expecting great results! If you’re in need of a kickstart to your training plan or fancy some friendly competition contact Jack and Koharu: [email protected]

Web Sec. - Joe Ramsay

Web Sec this year is Joe Ramsay! Last year Joe placed third in a university wide BNOC (big-name-on-campus, for those not in the know) vote, so there’s no one cooler to be in charge of our online presence! When it comes to socials Joe is a keen cross dresser, managing to supress his inner sideshow Bob enough to fool even the savviest observer. When he’s not climbing, you may well find him with his guitar at a folk night at one of the local pubs!

If you’ve got any great pictures from club trips or just want him to serenade you with his guitar! Contact Joe; [email protected]

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